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There are countless apps about language learning in the App Stores. In the following article we present what we think are the best apps for learning the German language. With varying scope and principles to learn grammar and train vocabulary and our little helper, the perfect companion to consolidate the nouns and above all articles you can do quickly and efficiently!
Duolingo • Busuu • Tandem • Memrise
Babbel & our little helper DerDieDas-App


The app with its modern, young and playful appearance is the ideal app for beginners and advanced users! Whether daily or occasional learning, Duonlingo offers many useful exercises and a clear interface. Reminder and Gamification help to learn with fun and to train regularly. With the 4.5 star rating in the AppStore and Playstore with more than 15,000 reviews under iOS and almost 6 million under Android (summer 2018), the app does not have to hide. Content and functionality can be added via In-App purchase, the basic version is free!

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For advanced learners, Busuu offers the right solution with English courses up to level B2 and the right exercises for professional communication at work or when travelling, for example, alongside an 80 million strong community to talk to in their own language. By listening and training you consolidate your skills and are thus prepared for any interaction in your foreign language! The basic version can be installed free of charge and expanded in scope by means of in-app offers. With 4.5 stars in the AppStore and almost 4.5 stars in the PlayStore, busuu offers fun and learning success on iOS & Android!

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Tandem offers you a platform with more than 3 million users to find the perfect tandem / language partner. Over 150 languages can be spoken and trained with native speakers from anywhere in the world. With Tandem you can chat, send voice messages, use video telephony and much more. Via in-app purchase you can add useful features (people nearby, extended statistics, exclusive language games,…) to the free basic version. With a solid 4.5 star rating in both stores and many awards and distinctions, Tandem is the perfect service for communicating comfortably with native speakers around the world from home or on the road.

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Mission Learn! With Memrise you will find an unconservative and crazy approach to learn a new language in a very fun and playful way or to expand your existing knowledge. More than 30,000 videos by native speakers help to learn the tasks very realistically, but in a particularly playful way with gamification addiction factor. With a full 5 stars under iOS and almost 5 stars under Android, Memrise is the app with the best rating among the recommended apps for learning a new language. In addition, the app on Android 2017 was awarded the Best App Prize! The free basic version can be equipped and expanded via In-App_Purchases so that the playful fun never ends.

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Learn English for Professionals! With Babbel you will find the full program to go from beginner to professional. Courses for beginners and advanced learners and business English training will help you to expand your vocabulary and to master professional situations in your foreign language in addition to conversations on holiday. With 4.5 stars under iOS and nearly 4.5 stars under Android, Babbel offers you the opportunity to train your language skills up to level C1. You are thus excellently equipped to understand complex facts and always have the right vocabulary at hand.

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Der Die Das App

The »Der Die Das App« allows you to learn German vocabulary and the proper German articles in a playful manner at no charge. Frequent repetitions make it easy to memorize the articles – conveniently from your couch or whilst on the go. You learn how to pick the right article with simple article exercises.


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