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Reference book – 25.000 Words • Grammar rules • Chapters can be viewed as a list • Words can be marked as favorite to repeat specific exercises frequently • Offline support • Counter & Statistics • More words (Quiz) ••• Upcoming Features: New chapters • Add words manually • More detailed statistics ++

Having fun is the best way to learn!

Learn German vocabulary and the proper German articles (gender) in a playful manner at no charge. Easily memorise German articles from anywhere at anytime, and have fun while you learn

German is not an easy language to learn;)


The clear distinction between Der Die Das can be of particular difficulty due to the lack of article grammar rules. The challenge does not only lie in the lack of article rules, but also in the amount of German article rules. The best way to internalize article grammar is article exercise. The learning app Der Die Das Articles offers you the best article exercises. It includes German vocabulary alongside matching images which help you to internalize the correct German article.The app Der Die Das not only offers exercises for German articles, you can also learn the German vocabulary. By regularly repeating the article exercises in our Der Die Das app, you will no longer be annoyed by the lack of article rules.

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Learn German in a playful way, while sitting on your sofa or on the go with your phone! Easily memorise German articles from anywhere at anytime, and have fun while you learn.


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